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Setup Fees

Ad Type Units Cost
Template 1 Ad $100
Template Bundle 2 Ads $175
Template Bundle 3 Ads $250
Custom Design Per Ad $250 And Up

All-Inclusive Serving Fees

Impressions CPM Cost
100,000 $1.25 $125
500,000 $1.00 $500
1,000,000 $0.90 $900
2,500,000 $0.80 $2,000

Embed Blistering Rich Media Anywhere

You will receive JavaScript embed tag(s) that can be distributed as you see fit. Give it to your fans, buy advertising, or place Blistering Rich Media units on your official sites.

What Do The Fees Cover?

Simply put: everything! Set up as many ads as you’d like and top up with impressions as needed. There is no monthly minimum and your impressions will never expire. Let us take care of the setups, hosting, bandwidth, and delivery.

Who Builds The Ads?

We do. Based on your template choice(s), we will provide a detailed list of assets required for the design process. We will then provide mockups for your approval and you are free to make unlimited modifications until you are 100% happy with the visuals.

Get Daily Stats Via E-Mail

Reports will be e-mailed to you daily. Keep tabs on general usage, click activity, streaming sessions, impressions, and other powerful data.

Booking Info

We’re one click or call away. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more info or to say hello. Thanks!

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