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I want to buy a specific ad unit but I'd like to add or remove a button or social icon, is that possible?

Yes, minor changes to ad templates are available at no extra cost. For major changes, please consider building out a custom template. (Please see next question.)

Are custom ad units available?

Yes, create your own branded template with the features and functionality of your choosing. Rates for custom templates start at US $500.

Can I update my banners at any time?

Yes, minor ad updates like switching out a button name or link can be done at any time at no cost. Your banner will even be updated dynamically across all sets of embed tags.

What if I buy a package and run out of impressions?

You may purchase your original package or upgrade to a package that includes more impressions.

But what if my ad goes viral and I can't afford additional impressions?

Several options are available including low-cost bulk impressions to maintain your rich media ads. Or, deliver standard image backups at the super low cost of US $100 per 1,000,000 impressions.

How will i be able to view statistics?

Statistics are available via your choice of a daily, weekly, or monthly e-mail in the following formats: HTML, PDF, Excel, or XML.

What is the difference between basic and deluxe stats?

Basic stats will return information such as banner clicks, impressions, engagement rate, and other granular data (e.g. clicks on specific buttons or links). Deluxe stats include the aforementioned basic stats but also additional data points such as demographics; by geography, ISP, operating system, and several other metrics.

I am a web publisher, ad network, and/or media outlet and I would like to offer these ads to my advertisers. Is this possible?

Yes, Blistering Rich Media offers a profit-sharing reseller program as well as a white label reseller program. Please contact us for details.

How are Blistering Rich Media ads served?

We exclusively employ Adtech’s Helios IQ, a division of the group owned by AOL. Helios IQ systems are accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC).

What format will my embed tags be?

Embed tags are available in JavaScript.

Are Blistering Rich Media ad formats mobile-friendly?

They soon will be. At present, ads are crafted via Flash. In the coming weeks, mobile-friendly HTML5 versions shall be available.

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